It took most of my life to feel comfortable with myself. It took most of my life—and the deaths of two of my best friends—to find myself. I suffered from insomnia since I was a baby, later made worse by a crippling anxiety that took hold of me as a preteen, which stemmed from a desperate desire to fit in, be liked, and accepted. My MO growing up was to always be cool, man. As an adult, I let myself get swept up in the coolness factor of all the elite magazines I worked for over the years. And when I finally made it to the IT publication that is Vogue after trying to walk away from the career that dragged me down and crushed my spirit for over a decade, I realized that I had been chasing a dream that wasn’t mine. I am sure there are plenty of folks out there who want that dream, and I admit I was blinded by the shiny cover and star appeal, but after getting that far I realized it wasn’t for me.

So I left a career in journalism that I was good at that ultimately made me feel small, insignificant, and invisible for a life—and lifestyle—that allows me to help others in ways I wish I’d had access to when I was younger. Through yoga, reiki, breathwork, and tarot I have found healing, courage, confidence, and peace with myself to grow into the woman I’ve become, the woman that has been trying to peek through the armor I’d shielded myself with all these years. The transformation I have experienced is what I hope to share with others with the tools that have helped me along the way.

I want to help you accept yourself and own your personal power, to help you identify and move through your emotions and/or trauma, to help you want to embrace your emotions rather than run away from them. I have discovered that true growth is about looking within and making a conscious decision to acknowledge and even befriend the parts of ourselves we’ve had a hard time accepting, embracing the elephant in the room rather than pretending that it isn’t there.

As a writer, I use my blog and social media channels to share my experiences with healing, feelings, magic, owning up to my personal power, dealing with anxiety, finding the courage to embrace all the elephants I’ve tried to ignore my entire life. Because this shit is real. And I’m just here sharing how I navigate through it all, hoping it might resonate with your experiences.

I just want to help you feel empowered to be you.

I just want to help you feel like you.