To Live Your Light is to live your truth, allowing that inner light that resides within in us all in different colors and different frequencies to shine outward.

Your light is the essence of you, your true self, the parts of yourself that you were gifted to bring out into the world in a way that only you can, the parts of yourself that are already yours, the parts of yourself that no one else has. It can take time to discover this part of yourself, but when you do it lights you up from head to toe because you have finally discovered the magic you are capable of.

To Live Your Light is to push past the fear of what others might think about your gifts in order to fully embody the being you were brought here to be.

To Live Your Light is to remove the masks and costumes you’ve hid behind so you can be seen for who you truly are.

To Live Your Light is to acknowledge the dark parts, the uncomfortable feelings you have, the unsavory memories you hold, honoring all the events that have happened in your life that have led you to this moment.

Like a lighthouse, your light allows you to see in the dark, to exist with the dark. Without the darkness there can be no light and vice versa. Connecting to your inner light is not about obliterating your shadow self completely, but a tool to help you see despite the storm.

To Live Your Light is to make friends with the dark. The deeper your relationship to your shadow, the brighter your light can shine.

PHOTO BY emily belson