It was love that brought me to Washington, D.C. in June 2015, and it is love that constantly inspires me, its teachings are at the heart of all I do. I completed my first 200 hour yoga teacher training in Brooklyn 2011 with my teachers Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie. I continued to study with Leigh and Summer to complete my 500 hour Yoga Sukhavati training in 2013. I went on to complete Summer Quashie's 85-hour prenatal Sacred Shape training and received my Level 1 Energy Medicine training with Lauren Walker. The yoga world opened my eyes to so much, helping me better observe myself through a new, less adulterated lens, beckoning me to dive deeper into more esoteric modalities that proved to be potent and transformational. I completed my Reiki 1 training in 2013 with my teacher Lisa Levine, going on to complete my Level 2 and Reiki Master trainings with Lisa by early 2014 in order to teach others how to use the healing energy of Reiki on themselves and others. I've been initiated into the Akashic Records by Christina Cross, became a Shamanic Breathwork facilitator under the tutelage of Linda Star Wolf , completed David Elliot’s Breathwork Healer trainings, and have studied with Lindsay Mack to deepen my connection to the tarot.