Receiving healing is saying yes to yourself. It’s an acknowledgment that something feels stuck or blocked, that something is holding you back from your full potential. When you feel empowered enough to seek assistance to help you move through something, it’s like hitting the reset button on all the inner workings of your body, mind, and spirit—all the things that make you you, all the magic of your being that lies beneath the surface. Receiving healing is making a commitment to yourself, to growing, to stepping more fully into the version of yourself the universe breathed you into being to be. There is no way to move backward when you decide to heal. The only direction is forward and upward: a bigger, better, stronger you.

We all hold onto emotions and memories that, when they initially came up, felt like too much to bear, too much to deal with, too much to feel. But if you’re reading this you probably have discovered that feeling your feelings and dealing with the emotions that come up is the first giant leap we all have to take in order to grow into our highest potential. Once you begin to process your emotions, it’s like a lightbulb—or multiple light bulbs—lights up, shining a light on how closing yourself off to letting yourself be present with your feelings has stunted your growth in different areas of your life.

Working with energy is an intimate thing. When I work with you I feel very deeply into your energy. I can intuit where blockages have accumulated in your body and where they may have stemmed from. During our time together, I work to help break up these blockages, directing Reiki energy to these places, often incorporating other modalities—breathing exercises, bodywork, EFT, crystals, sound healing—to help free up the congestion and open up your energetic pathways.

While I can help free up these blockages, it is up to you to try to keep them clear. I offer “homework” assignments after each treatment in order to help you continue to work on yourself after our time together so that you are an active participant on your healing journey.

I have been trained in a variety of healing modalities, usually offering a mixture of these practices to offer you a profoundly magical, unique experience.