Jessica Mahler

Upcoming Events

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Community Reiki
sunday, october 27 2pM

I’m joining forces with Keep A Breast to get #Fit4Prevention! Sign up for this by-donation Community Reiki on October 27, 2–4pm to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month while also treating yourself to a dose of love and healing. Arrive anytime between 2–3:30pm to receive a 20-minute Reiki treatment from a certified Reiki practitioner.

Virtual breathwork:
reclaim your power
wednesday, october 30 8pM

You are here because you are meant to do great things. But sometimes things happen that make you question just how great your path, your self-worth, your abilities actually are. In this virtual breathwork group, you’ll use the dynamic breathwork breath to help you reignite the light that lays within to reconnect to your magic and infinite power, allowing you to sit more fully in the You you came here to be.

reiki 1 training
Saturday, november 2 10am

If you are at all curious about getting involved in something that helps bring a softness; that helps others release anxiety, depression, physical pain, trauma; that showers the receiver with love; that encourages relaxation; that will help you grow, consider following that urge and empowering yourself with learning the magic of Reiki.

Healing Sessions

Receiving healing is making a commitment to yourself, to growing, to stepping more fully into the version of yourself the universe breathed you into being to be. There is no way to move backward when you decide to heal. The only direction is forward and upward: a bigger, better, stronger you. I offer a variety of ways to help you connect more deeply to yourself and acknowledge all the experiences you have been through that have contributed to the person you are today.


Have you ever walked into a room after a heated discussion or argument and felt a bit uncomfortable with a feeling that something had just happened in that room?

Have you ever had a friend try to tell you they were okay yet you just knew that something was wrong?

Have you ever made a decision that immediately made you feel nauseous and full of dread the moment you made it?

These are all ways you are affected by energy.

You don't have to be a "healer" to feel things. We all came into this world with a sixth sense that allows us to feel into situations—it was programmed into us in order to understand if we should stay or flee. We have the ability to sense when things are off as a form of protection, a superpower meant to keep us safe.

It's also a superpower we can connect to when things aren't life-threatening, a way to make informed decisions that support our highest and best.


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