Jessica Mahler

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Reiki Restore
friday, September 13 6:30pM

End the work week with me by lying back on your own cozy body pillow at Recharj to receive high vibrational energy to help you shed any stress or anxiety that might be stuck in the body or clouding your thoughts and let your cares and your worries fade away.

Reiki 1 training
saturday, october 5 10am

If you are looking for ways to connect more deeply with yourself, enhance your intuition, move through transitions with more ease, or would like to help others in a really big way, learning Reiki could be the thing that transforms all these things for you—as well as your life.

Breathwork circle
Friday, october 11 7pm

Breathwork can help you get really REAL with your healing, offering a way for you to access the fears, the grief, the sadness, the pain, the guilt—anything you’ve been holding onto that has been holding you back and help you let them go, empowering you with the ability to finally release the influence they’ve had over you in a safe and fun way.

Healing Sessions

Receiving healing is making a commitment to yourself, to growing, to stepping more fully into the version of yourself the universe breathed you into being to be. There is no way to move backward when you decide to heal. The only direction is forward and upward: a bigger, better, stronger you. I offer a variety of ways to help you connect more deeply to yourself and acknowledge all the experiences you have been through that have contributed to the person you are today.


I am so sorry for being so mean to you all these years. The shaming, the negative self-talk, the scrutinizing, the constant comparisons, the frustration, the physical pain I've put you through, the forced energy spent trying to stuff you into clothing and shapes you weren't meant to be in.

I promise to love you in sickness and in health and work on our relationship for the long haul. It's the most important one I have and I've been a really horrible tenant all this time.

I love you and want to be better. Please forgive me and continue to support me as I uncover all the negative threads I've let steer our relationship. I'm ready to let them go.

I'm ready to love you with everything I've got. It's time.


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