I am so thankful for the positive impact Jessica has had on my life. Honestly, after my first reiki session with her I felt like my life was beginning to move towards a smoother, healthier, more positive, and generally in a happier direction. My boss even asked me (a couple days after my first session) if something had happened to change/improve my overall mood. She said that I was “radiating positive energy and joy” and that it was contagious. About a month after seeing Jessica on a regular basis, my psychiatrist whom I see on a weekly basis(I have suffered from clinical depression and an intense panic/anxiety disorder since age 12) asked me if I could attribute my new found sense of “positivity, overall better mood” to anything in particular. My response was “Honestly, I think this is a result of the reiki I have been receiving from Jess.” He was so pleased that he encouraged me in continuing to receive healing from Jess. She is truly a special young lady and I strongly recommend working with her.
— Leigh, New York City
Jessica has helped me to understand myself, and the world, in new, powerful ways. She’s worked with me through some challenging issues, and always with an authentic, patient, and supportive manner. I can’t recommend her strongly enough!
— Rob, Washington, DC
Jessica is a kind, compassionate, loving Reiki practitioner and teacher. In addition to receiving Reiki energy work from Jessica I also attended her Level I Reiki course where she imparted her knowledge and wisdom with a warm and open heart. Since receiving my attunements I feel more open, more connected, and more aware of the universe around me. I have Jessica to thank for that.
— Kerry, Brooklyn, NY
Jessica is, without question, the best yoga teacher I have encountered, the motivator that keeps me coming to yoga. What is unique about Jessica is her high competence at both the physical and mental aspects of the discipline, as well as her thoughtful preparedness. It is clear that she plans class ahead of time – each class is completely different with a specific emphasis that carries through from beginning to end. I am always physically challenged and (sometimes literally) kept on my toes as to what’s coming next; she encourages each individual to do their best, which sometimes means pushing a little further, or a little longer, than we’d like! But she is also very intuitive as she’s teaching and observing, and she knows when we need to focus our attention back on the less physical aspects of yoga – when we need a break, when she needs to share a thought or observation, or when we need to be reminded to take a long, deep breath. It is clear that all of her students simply like her as a person – she exhibits a warmth, openness, and vulnerability that enables us all to let go for an hour, turn ourselves over to the process, and accept what happens. Not an easy task to accomplish in this Type-A Washington environment. It is often ‘standing room only’ in her class, and I see many familiar faces again and again because so many of us recognize the quality of her work, and the benefits that we students obtain from attending her class are considerable.
— Kristen, Washington, DC
My Reiki sessions with Jessica have been amazing — very calming to my body and mind. She is skilled at bringing about deep releases and allowing layers of self to be pulled back in a gentle manner to reveal new insights or healing (physical, emotional, and spiritual). I started because I wanted to get help with anxiety and chronic back and neck pain. I have gained so much more than that. I leave feeling as if my soul just got a massage. My anxiety has lessened, I feel more at peace, and my overall well being has drastically increased. Jessica creates a very calm l, connected, and secure space to help you on your healing journey. She is sincere in her desire to help, and listens and responds very thoughtfully - always with amazing insights and suggestions. Many of these will push you to go further and delve deeper because that is where the real healing takes place.
— Kate, Washington, DC
I’m so grateful I met Jessica when I did! When I came to her in the winter of 2014, I was in the middle of a break-up with a partner of six years and had lots of anxiety. I wanted to find the courage to explore my creative pursuits and feel more whole again. Reiki helped alleviate my anxiety and set me on a more fulfilling course in my life. I’ve continued to return to Jessica- not only because I felt a distinct improvement in my personal and professional life thanks to her treatment, but because of her intelligent, thoughtful and genuine approach to the craft. She’s devoted to helping people heal and even makes an effort to follow-up with recommendations after our sessions. She’s not only skilled and extremely knowledgeable as a reiki healer, but possesses the rare quality of being able to merge her intelligence with a refreshing kindness and caring towards her clients. I will definitely come down to DC from NYC to make appointments with Jessica. I’ve even recommended her to my family members in Northern VA.
— Caila, Brooklyn, NY
Jessica is one of the most engaging and motivating yoga instructors you will meet. As a yoga and reiki teacher, she continuously expands her knowledge, hones her techniques, and refines her ability for the benefits of her students. What differentiates her from other instructors is that she will get to know you, recognize your potential, and push you to reach your best. Prior to meeting Jessica, I thought all yoga teachers were the same and had no appreciation for one over another. Jessica changed my perception completely and with her help I was able to build a solid foundation to my yoga practice with proper alignment, posture, breathing, flow and movement. I am forever in her debt. Thank you, Jessica!
— Chris, Carle Place, NY