SunDAY, october 27 2–4PM
The yoga shala
*By Donation*

I’m joining forces with Keep A Breast to get #Fit4Prevention! Staying fit and healthy helps reduce your risk of many diseases, lowers your stress level, and increases natural endorphins that make you happier and healthier. 

Reiki is a balancing, harmonizing energy that has the power to heal on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can help reduce and release stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain, emotional trauma, helping you maintain your overall health while also finding more peace and ease within your body. Each treatment allows you to feel more deeply connected to intuition and your body’s own innate wisdom, enabling you to make healthy, informed decisions to do what’s best for you and your body.

Sign up for this by-donation Community Reiki on October 27, 2–4pm to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month while also treating yourself to a dose of love and healing. Arrive anytime between 2–3:30pm to receive a 20-minute Reiki treatment from a certified Reiki practitioner. If all practitioners are busy when you show up, you will receive a treatment in the order you arrived once a healer is available. 

Your donation will help the Keep A Breast Foundation continue to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support!

VirtualBreathwork_ReclaimYour Power.jpg

Virtual Breathwork Group: Reclaim Your Power
Wednesday, October 30 8–9:15pm
your home

Have you lost touch with who you are?

You are here because you are meant to do great things. But sometimes things happen that make you question just how great your path, your self-worth, your abilities actually are. When we doubt ourselves we learn to hide the unique parts of ourselves that make us who we are, throwing up layers of armor to protect ourselves, moving farther and farther away from who we came here to be.

Breathwork helps us to cut through the layers and BS we’ve thought about ourselves, helping us to connect more fully to the light and power within us all. It’s a somatic self-healing active meditation technique that is a powerful tool for transformation. Enabling you to viscerally feel into where your blocks lie, the breath helps to cleanse and clear stuck energy, inviting deep healing from past experiences or trauma.

In this virtual breathwork group, you’ll use the dynamic breathwork breath to help you reignite the light that lays within to reconnect to your magic and infinite power, allowing you to sit more fully in the You you came here to be. You’ll lie down to breathe to a carefully created playlist made just for this unique experience, helping you shed whatever parts of yourself you are ready to leave behind.

It’s recommended that you set up in a quiet place or bedroom where you can be alone for privacy. You may want to cover your eyes with a sleep mask or scarf. Light a candle. Set an intention. Let go.

After we breathe, a recording will be sent out to everyone who has signed up in case you cannot make the live experience or if you’d simply like to breathe to again on your own.

Photo by recharj

Photo by recharj

Breathwork Circle
friday, november 8 6:30–8:30pm

If you’ve been feeling stuck, lacking inspiration or creativity, or have noticed yourself falling into the same habits and patterns you’ve been trying to rewire, this workshop is for you. Join me at Recharj this month for a special Breathwork experience that will help you access deeper levels of awareness and dive deeper into your true self. Beginning in a Sacred Circle, we will start with a grounding meditation and check in before lying down to breathe help you shed whatever parts of yourself you are ready to leave behind.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that is a powerful tool for transformation. It can be cathartic, emotional, a deep release, heart opening—whatever you need it to be in the moment you are there. We will end the active breathing with a period of silent relaxation to help calm the nervous system before coming back to our circle to close our time together. Having a journal with you is highly recommended.

This journey will be guided by a carefully selected soundtrack made just for this unique experience. I will also offer intuitive touch to help support you through your breathing and throughout the workshop.

I hope to breathe and heal with you.

Photo by Emily Belson

Photo by Emily Belson

Reiki Restorative
saturday, November 9 2–4pm
The Yoga Shala

Join me for an extra-long restorative yoga practice intended to help heal and revitalize both body and soul. Moving slowly through a series of carefully selected poses you will ease into the support of the props beneath you to help you open your physical body, while receiving Reiki to help you let go of any anxiety, stress, depression, old emotions or even physical pain. Together, this blend of practices will make for a powerfully soothing experience.

Reiki is a high vibrational energy that brings balance and harmony to the body and has the power to heal on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Come raise your vibrations as you let your cares and worries go.

I will be assisted by three of my Reiki students to provide extra healing to all those who come, allowing each participant to receive as much loving touch as possible throughout the workshop.

All levels welcome.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants, please reserve your spot in advance.


saturday, november 16 2–4pm
Embrace yoga dc

If you regularly feel stuck, constantly worried or nervous, or like you are a slave to the self-conscious thoughts that seem to be playing like a broken record in your head, this workshop will offer you tools and practices to put into practice anytime that churning sensation starts to rise in your belly or you feel overwhelmed by that familiar, uncomfortable restlessness. Having suffered from crippling anxiety for 25 years, I want to share all the tricks I’ve learned to help manage my relationship to the sensation in order to help you feel more at ease and more connected to yourself. Learn about what anxiety actually is, how and why it shows up in the body, and how you can start to shift your relationship to it and use as a tool to help you transform your life.

Please bring something to take notes with and dress comfortably for a light yoga practice.

Price includes a crystal for each participant that will help sooth nerves and lift anxieties to assist your energy beyond the workshop.