Photos by Saiju Gangadharan + Recharj

Photos by Saiju Gangadharan + Recharj

Reiki Restore
Friday, september 13 6:30–7:30pm

If you’ve ever been curious about Reiki—what it is, how it works, how it feels, what it can do for you—this hourlong workshop at power nap studio Recharj DC is a really great way to get a taste. The work week + your worries will fade away as you lay back on your own pod (which will reshape itself to your form, providing maximum comfort) + allow your physical form to sink into total relaxation while soothing binaural beats envelope the room, enabling you to soften even more.

Each participant will receive about 15 minutes of Reiki, a balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that has the ability to heal on all levels: the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Translated to “Universal Life Force Energy,” receiving energy healing encourages relaxation + can help release anxiety, depression, physical pain, as well as trauma.

I will be joined by 3 Reiki assistants to ensure that each participant receives a delicious mini-treatment so that all participants leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Your troubles + your worries will melt away as you let yourself be showered with love + healing energy.

This workshop is limited to 15 participants, so make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

Photo by Eaton Workshop

Photo by Eaton Workshop

Breathwork Circle
Friday, october 11 7–9pm
eaton workshop

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that is a powerful tool for transformation. Enabling you to viscerally feel into where your blocks lie, the breath helps to cleanse and clear stuck energy, inviting deep healing from past experiences or trauma. This dynamic breath can aid in breaking away from negative habits, addictions, and old paradigms, offering you a deeper connection to your intuition, helping you access your creativity, and opening your heart to increased gratitude and self-love. It is a wild ride that can be cathartic, emotional, a deep release, heart opening—whatever you need it to be in the moment you are there.

Beginning in a Sacred Circle, we will start with a grounding meditation and check in before lying down to breathe to a carefully created playlist made just for this unique experience, helping you shed whatever parts of yourself you are ready to leave behind.We will end the active breathing with a period of silent relaxation to help calm the nervous system before coming back to our circle to close our time together.

Having a journal with you is highly recommended.

I hope to breathe and heal with you.